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Does landscape lighting increase your home’s value?

Enhances Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting is one of those things that people may only know they need once they experience it for themselves. It’s a great way to make your home more welcoming by adding an additional light source that can be seen from the street. You can use landscape lighting to create a better mood and ambience, which is important during winter when days are short and nights are long. You should consider adding some lighting to your property as it can boost your property’s value as high as 20 percent.

Increased Safety

Lighting your landscape not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also improve the safety of your property. For example, driveways and walkways can be difficult to see in the winter when snow covers them. This is especially true at night. Installing landscape lighting at your home permits you to see these areas better, allowing you or your guests to feel safer while walking around your property.

The combination of added safety and a warm ambiance make landscape lighting an excellent option to increase your home’s value.

Homeowners who live near areas where light pollution occurs may notice their property values drop due to decreased visibility at night. However, new research suggests that homeowners living close to street lights may actually benefit financially by having these fixtures installed. According to recent studies conducted by researchers at Stanford University, homes located within 1 mile of a streetlight were found to sell faster.

What Kinds of Lighting Increase Property Value?

There are many different types of outdoor lighting systems available today. Some common options include floodlights, spotlights, track lighting, recessed down-lighting, pendant lighting, wall sconces, chandeliers, and more. Each type has unique advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. For instance, floodlights provide excellent coverage over large spaces, but they do not offer enough flexibility to illuminate smaller rooms. Spotlights work well for small spaces because they produce concentrated beams of light.

RGBW lights stand for red, green, blue, white lights. They are the modern option. Whether it is a party with friends or a warm relaxing evening with family, RGBW lights is the ultimate mix of art and ambiance. Creating the perfect atmosphere is extraordinarily easy. With this technology, your ability to create customized color changing outdoor lighting is almost unlimited. Create scenes to easily customize the brightness and color settings on any light and return to that complete setup with one touch of a button. The combinations of colors that you can make on memorable days like 4th of July, Christmas and Halloween will never be so fun! It’s another great way to entertain your guests and can also help your home stand out amongst your neighbors.

Do Outdoor Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

The amount of electricity that outdoor lights use varies, but it is typically a small amount, much less than what is used by indoor lights. You may find yourself paying extra fees at your utility company because of the additional load created by these lights. However, most homeowners are willing to make the trade-off since they enjoy having better visibility during night time hours.

  • By Dobson
  • Updated On February 16, 2023