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Alan and Myra Aronow
Weston, CT 06883

Dear John:

I’ve been meaning to write you to share some of my thoughts regarding the new sprinkler system.

As you remember, on the very first day we met here at my property, I thought that it would be impossible, given the nature of my wife’s gardens, to engineer and install underground sprinklers.

Did you folks prove me wrong !

I still marvel how your crew, under the excellent supervision of Mark Lambert, was able to do such a fantastic job getting the sprinklers up and running. Having been in the construction business, I recognize a good contractor when I work with one. I consider Dobson one of the best! After one complete season, both the system and your staff have met or exceeded all of our expectations.

Should you ever need a reference or want to show a prospective client one of your recent installations, please feel free to call upon us. It would be our pleasure.

Alan Aronow