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Philip G. Howlett

Dear John:

Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on our experience with Dobson Turf Irrigation.

The sprinkler system you installed and have maintained has been one of the best additions to our property. You will recall that the year before we installed the system, we lost our entire front lawn and a large part of the side lawn. Since then, we have upgraded the system in a number of ways, and as a result have has a great deal of success with our lawn and our shrubs.

Charlie Williams has dealt with our problems more than anyone else in your organization, and has always been energetic, competent, and pleasant. There have been times when I would have liked to see the Dobson man appear more quickly than was possible, but as Joe E. Brown said in the movie, ‘Some Like It Hot’, “nobody’s perfect”.

Last year we had a big problem caused by Culligan making an incorrect installation. It dragged over many months, but the entire Dobson organization was patient and helpful throughout.

Thank you for your consistently good service, John, and I hope this letter re-assures any prospective customer.

With kind regards,
Philip G. Howlett