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President & CEO
Sigma Marketing Co., Inc.
University Park
148 Mainlands Rd.
Fairfield, CT 06430

Dear John,

In the course of building our custom home here in Fairfield, we easily did business with over 30 sub-contarctors. When it came to extras, additions, and the selection process of paint colors, wood flooring, etc. While the majority were good, none were excellent- in terms of planning, explaining, costing, executing, and follow up – until your partner Mark Lambert showed up.

His detailed explanation of the proposed irrigation system for our home, how it would be installed, where it would be installed, what is was designed to accomplish, the quality of materials used, and how the system would be maintained throughout the year, was articulate, sincere, and most professional.

Your installation team was excellent and most efficient. Mark Lambert and Marco Soto have been outstanding in helping me on numerous occasions with programming and maintenance. You put in a well planned system that works and back it up with tremendous customer service!
I would recommend your company to anybody without reservations.

Thanks for a great job.